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  • How early should I book you?
    I do find that I get booked up for bank holiday's & July and August dates a year in advance.So it is never too early to equire! This isnt always the case tho, so always feel free to get in contact with me to find out if I am avalible for your date! All bookings are secure with a non refundable £50, without this I can only hold your equiry date for 7 days.
  • When should I have my trial?
    Every client is diffrent, but the first thing I would suggest is that you aleardy have your dress pre trial date.This helps us look at your over all look and style & what your neckline will be. There is no set time frame,however,most people have their trial run anything from six month's to two month's before the wedding day.But if your having sleepless night's about how you're going to look then im happier to do your trial earlier. Saturday and Sunday's are always the first dates to get booked up!!so if you are certain you would prefer a weekend date let for your trial please get in contact asap.
  • What happens at the trial?
    The trial will normaly last one and a half to three hours long. Before arriving I send out a little trial guide and FAQ just to help give you a helping hand in how to prep and what to bring & wear on the day of your trial, So we get the best out of our time! We will talk about your day and how you can imagine you want to look, then we can start creating your look. Just a side note trials are all about finding your perfect hairdo & you will find I use less product and pins in a trial which allows us to try more than one style without compermising the hair.
  • Do I need my veil and hair accessories for the trial run?
    No, it's by no means essential! However if you have already purchased then this extremely helpful. It is more important to get a style that is perfect for you- that way any accessories always look good. I also stock some show hair accessories and a veil to help try and get an idea of what you might like to buy.
  • Is it ok to bring a friend along when I have my trial?
    Of course!! This will help put you at ease and bring someone you trust. Just becareful tho,too many people can mean you get lot's of diffrent feed back and could find it more a hindrance than a help!
  • Once booked what other contact will I have?
    Once we have had your trial and have confirmed potential bridal party numbers I will send out an invoice with complete morning running times and who needs to be in my chair a certain time slots.(we can always adjust this so dont panic too much) But also if you need me for anything (no matter how silly) just get in touch & I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • How long will it take on the day?
    On the day I normally allow 30 to 45 mins for a bridesmaids hair and 45 to 1 hour for bridal hair.This all depends on styles and hair types but times will be agreed on your invoice before your day.This can help other suppliers aswel to work out morning runnings.

There are lots of questions you will have about bridal hair and the way a hairstylist works.

Here I have included some of the common questions, but if you have any others please do not hesitate to contact me.

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